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no more earthquakes
mardulier en deprez
+31 649 670931
28/07 - 4/08/2017
Theater Aan Zee, Oostende (Piste)
Boulevard festival, ’s-Hertogenbosch (no more earthquakes, wip)
Live Arts Breda, Breda (fase, wip)
Soirée Composée, De Werft, Geel (Fase, extract)
Kunstnacht, 's-Hertogenbosch (Mardulier en Deprez, Technoproza workshop)
De Nwe Vorst, Tilburg (Okiagari, deel van breder programma)
Circuscentrum, Gent (Mardulier en Deprez, wip)
Het Klooster, Breda (Fase, wip)
Circuscentrum, Gent (Fase, wip)
De Nwe Vorst, Tilburg (Fase, Première)
Smells like Circus, Gent (de 24u van Mardulier en Deprez)
Poparts festival, Amsterdam (Fase, exact dates to be confirmed)
Poparts festival, Amsterdam (Madulier en Deprez, to be confirmed)


When I was studying I made some objects out of concrete and tube. I made them to behave as upside-down pendulums, similar to a metronome or those inflatable punchingbags. Originally I wanted to make something I could also throw and juggle, but it turned out that to have this effect of self-rightening they need to be very heavy, too heavy to juggle.

They have a life of their own, which allows me to be just an observer at times, watching silence slowly set in again.  Throughout this piece the landscape changes, small sculptures appear and disappear. Similar to classic juggling, where a large vertical space is filled with motion by throwing things, here a large horizontal plane is filled by rolling the objects, creating patterns of oscillations and spirals.

For more info please contact me.


Spectrum is a juggling-piece with improvisation and movement, rythm and colour. It’s based on a research towards material and how colour can be used in juggling. There’s a development from monochrome to polychrome, from melody to rythm and from order to chaos to order again. I chose to for structured improvisation, in this way something new can happen each time I play, each performance is unique and has its own energy.

It's a 25 minute piece I made for the Jerhonimus Bosch-year. Because it has been 500 years since the famous painter died, the BKKC en Bosch 500 comissioned, among other things, three circus pieces by artists who had recently graduated from a Dutch circusschool. I was lucky enough to be one of them. So a big thank you to all the partners, BKKC, Bosch 500, Circo Circolo and to the sponsorship of circus JOJO.

You can see the technical requirements here , for more info about booking don't hesitate to contact me.


This is a durational performance where the audience is free to come and go as they like. It's based on an object that I made after being inspired by a youtube video about gravity. In this video a man rolls marbles on a stretched piece of fabric, the heavy marbles roll in a spiral towards the middle (where the fabric can stretch down the most), whereas the lighter ones circle the heavier ones. This principle of dynamic and fractal ballance I applied in the pendulum.

After working for some time with this thing, I found the main quality is best comparable to a fire, the hypnotic way these concrete spheres fly through the air and circle each other is simply mesmerizing. And like a fire it needs someone to keep it going.

No more earthquakes

“Because we are in the direct situation: it is. If you don’t like it you may choose to avoid it. But if you avoid it that’s a pity, because it resembles life very closely, and life and it are essentially a cause for joy. . . . Let  us say in life: No earthquakes are permissible. What happens then?” - John Cage, Lecture on something

This is a research on ignorance, a try at finding what is before improvisation, at making improvisation impossible. It's an attempt to checkmate the mind by giving it freedom without purpose. It's a search for each participants unique balance or unbalance between acceptance and rejection. It's a miniature of life in the sense that it is for the greater part unaffected by the subject. Rather than showing the right or wrong way to handle "situation", or being somewhere somehow, it is an attempt at showing this being itself. 

In heideggerian terms I want to take away the possibility of projecting from dasein, thereby making dasein itself impossible (to be engaged in the world that is). To show only thrownness and hereby put into question all projection (as un unconcious understanding of ourselves and the world).

Concretely it is putting someone on stage (thrown) without any knowledge of what will happen or is expected (projecting). The performance happens around and to this person, and he/she discovers it together with the audience.


A new project based on the decomposition of juggling into throwing and catching, with a moment of flight in between. The goal is to break the whole of this action into it's subactions and then to see which new images will appear. To realize this we work with tennisballmachines, they do the throwing for us and become the third party in this piece. For this project I'm working with Pieter Visser.

We have try outs at Live Arts Breda on 08/09 and 09/09 and at Circuscentrum on 11/11

Bedankt aan iedereen die mij tot nu toe gesteund heeft en dat nog steeds doet. Bedankt aan Wendy, Anneke, Marc, aan alle partners van Plan. Bedankt ook aan Circuscentrum Vlaanderen voor de steun die zij bieden aan alle circusstudenten en -artiesten. En aan Theater Aan Zee voor de prijs die ze mij gegeven hebben. Bedankt mama en papa. Bedankt circus Jojo. Bedankt aan iedereen die mij helpt met dingen maken en ook aan de mensen die ernaar kijken en het soms boeiend vinden en soms niet.


Veld is very simply a field of objects, the same ones I use for okiagari. My goal was to make something between a stone garden and a playground. It's a landscape that keeps changing, a work that is never finished.
When you look very carefully, you can see nothing in this cloud of sawdust.
More carefully.

Technical rider “Spectrum” Michiel Deprez

General info

The length of the performance is about 25 minutes (may vary due to improvising)
Can be performed maximum 3 times per day with at least 30 minutes break, and maximum 6 times in total.
Can be performed outside as well as inside, given a flat surface (not on grass)


Michiel has a camper to stay in, in case of multiple performance days a camping site is asked. Hostel or
other accomodation is also fine.


5m by 5m by 4m high

In case of street performing: a space that is defined clearly for the performance (to limit interference of
passers by)
Spectrum is a not a loud show, distraction and busyness will make it less enjoyable for the audience.

Light and sound

To be provided by the venue: 
  • soundsystem
  • technician to operate the soundsystem (can be done by other artists)
  • neutral/warm full wash
  • technician for the lights (can be one person for light and sound)
Provided by me: 
  • music files on usb or laptop


45 minutes on stage with the person responsible for lights and music.

Clean up

There will be a big mess on stage, the whole stage needs to be swept and gone over with a wet cloth.
In case of street performing a broom must be provided by the organisation.

Prices Spectrum 

                 1dag    2dagen     3dagen     4dagen
1x/dag     700      1000         1200         1400
2x/dag     900      1200         1500
3x/dag     1100    1500